Books Rock!

Project about reading and art

March-June, 2019.


1. Online survey about reading habits

The survey showed that students should read more, that they usually read online and that they dont buy books very often. Some students even said they dont have time for reading and dont have their favourite book or author.


















2. Benefits of reading  (Mind map – students brainstormed their suggestions)

map link




3. Students searched for their favourite sayigs about reading and made a video:


4. Students recommended their favourite books to friends. This is a nice way to propose reading materials and share experiences.They also made book markers to share with friends.

collaborative board link


5. Students made book trailers in the form of presentations, posters, comics to present books to their peers.



































6. We talked about Shakespeare and learn some of his famous expressions to use in our communication.


7. We learnt about Blackout poetry and expressed our creativity in writing our own great pieces of poetry.


















8. We were informed about the process of story writing by using skype and inviting a guest speaker and we made our stories exchanging them with etwinning project partners.



9. We took part in Escape Room challenge consisting of various tasks related to books and reading. Students  worked in groups trying to solve the puzzle and win the challenge. We shared the activity with other schools. Everybody enjoyed in the challenge.

online link to the materials used



















10. We exchanged and shared folk tales and legends with Argentinian, Vietnamese and Russian pupils within the project “Storytelling around the World” using the Flipgrid tool. It served us well to get to know about their culture , customs and history.

















11. Acting out parts of the books or stories


















12. Defining and proposing tips to establish better reading habits


13 . School event “Books Rock”

Students presented their activities on an event for their peers, teachers and parents to raise awareness about the importance of reading.  They sang a song about reading as well (Gotta keep reading)

















  • Video about the students impressions about the Escape room activity

video 1

video 2

  • Answergarden students impressions



about those books song

mixed songs