Songs can be a useful tool when teaching ESL because they give students the opportunity to listen to someone other than you, their teacher. You can use them to practice points of grammar or vocabulary in general or debate on attitudes and express opinions.

You can discuss the feelings songs provoke and  practice adjectives, illustrate verses, continue songs or verses, make pupils spot the mistakes, reorder verses, make comics, finish the lines, use the spoken language, idioms or slang phrases in examples…

It is a powerful tool as students can choose their favorites, but make sure to choose both texts and videos  carefully and prepare the activities well beforehand.  This site has short music clips on which can legally be used for educational purposes.

more songs


Here are some songs we have already done in classes:

Perfect, Ed Sheeran

listening exercise





lemmon tree

lem tree

The Cure





Present Perfect Tense practice:





Songs for grammar practice: